NO LIVE WEBINAR tonight due to Master Teacher illness.

Tonight’s LIVE Webinar for the SAT/ACT Mock Test Results will be sent to your EMail as a recorded session, rather than a LIVE Meeting.  You will receive the recorded video to your EMail tonight after 9 pm and may watch it at any time this week. 


Happy School Year 2016-17!


” A year from now you may wish you had started sooner…”

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PSAT Prep for 10th and 11th graders,

and PSAT 8/9 for Cobb Magnet Applicants

being offered Fall Break and early October!


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Who Are We?

ACT, SAT and PSAT Test Prep and Academic Support from MyClassConnection

MyClassConnection is an Online, Virtual Classroom with Master Teachers providing LIVE Synchronous Instruction for ACT Prep, SAT Prep, PSAT Prep, and additional high stakes’ testing review classes and individualized tutoring.

Classes and private tutoring are conducted either LIVE, over the computer from the student’s home, or possibly LIVE, in person, at a school in your area.

Pre Test and Post Test scores average a 5 point increase on the ACT and a 170 point increase on the SAT.

Many students have reported reaching their personal goal of earning  scholarships, being able to play their favorite sport in college, or getting into their dream college after working with our Master Teachers on test taking skills, pacing techniques, and test content review.

 Whether participating in a full course with peers, small focus- based groups, or individualized private sessions with a Master Teacher, you will be engaged in an interactive instruction over your computer using today’s distance learning technology for an engaging and active learning experience.

At MyClassConnection, in addition to College Admissions’ Test Prep, we offer a wide variety of live online private tutoring services and classes including Middle and High School Math Tutoring, Physics tutoring, and Chemistry tutoring. We also provide Magnet School Entrance Exam Prep and Georgia Milestone Test Prep for our students who want to be a step ahead of the competition.


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