Happy School Year 2015-16!

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Spring 2016 Semester

January thru May

  • SAT prep classes on Sunday evenings
  • ACT prep classes on Sunday evenings
  • ACT prep class during Spring Break


  • Spring Break Review Classes


  • Final exam reviews for High School Math and Science classes
  • EOC Reviews in Math and Science Courses


Please explore our Academic Support Options, including PSAT,

SAT and ACT Prep,

Math and Sciences Tutoring, and more!


Who Are We?

MyClassConnection is an online, virtual classroom with Master Teachers providing various opportunities for the middle and high school student.  Whether participating in a full course with peers, small groups with focus, or individualized private sessions with a Master Teacher, you will be engaged in LIVE, interactive instruction that will come alive over your computer using today’s distance learning technology for an engaging and active learning experience.

Our Master Teachers provide instruction in English/Essay writing, ALL Science and Math Courses for Middle, High and College Courses,  as well as PSAT/SAT/ACT Test Prep.


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