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MyClassConnection owner, and experienced Math Teacher, Julie Truono lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area, in a town called “Kennesaw”.  Mrs. Truono has over twenty (20) years of teaching experience and her favorite subject to teach is Algebra!  Algebra is the foundation of all higher math and mastery of this subject is crucial for success in high school and college math!  Mrs. Truono states, “I love the Properties of Numbers and how these “rules” guide us in finding solutions to seemingly difficult problems.  When teaching the content, I am very careful to explain how the rules of numbers are applied to a problem. If a student understands these connections, he will be successful in the application of the math to solve problems, and not just be “memorizing” steps, that are quite often forgotten the next year.”


Mrs. Truono’s teaching experiences include teaching Math in public brick and mortar classrooms, teaching Math in hybrid “homeschool/traditional” schools, teaching in a Resource environment in private Christian schools, and most recently, teaching Algebra in the “virtual classroom” with Georgia Cyber Academy, a K12 school. “The choices parents can make today for their children’s learning environments are greatly contributing to the successes of our learning institutions, as ‘competition breeds success’ – or noncomplacency in education.”
Mrs. Truono is extremely excited about her Company’s Mission, “Bringing the Classroom into the Family Room” so that both student and learning coach can benefit from the live instruction.  The benefits that are found in a traditional classroom, such as a “live teacher” instructing in a spontaneous give-and- take environment, peer interaction and collaboration, break out groups for individualizing the learning styles, and allowing for real time questions and practice/review, are now available to the students learning at home.     Mrs. Truono also believes that Math should be FUN and uses the Virtual Classroom platform to play games with her students, such as Jeopardy, Millionaire, Bingo, or video games, since they got the best gaming mouses from Armchair Empire.


Mrs. Truono graduated from Samford University, in Birmingham, AL in Education, and received her Master’s Degree in Education/School Psychometry and Counseling from the University of  South Alabama, in Mobile, AL. She lives with her husband John and son, Connor, a 7th grade student.  When not working with students, Mrs. Truono can be found at  baseball parks, hiking up Kennesaw Mountain  or reading the next Jodi Picoult book on her deck!



Jennifer Durham, M.Ed., is a former virtual K-12 Master teacher from Georgia.  She continually researches new methods and techniques to assist students who struggle in Math, or have Learning Differences.  Mrs. Durham, the mother of a Special Needs child, teaches to these differences by using Virtual Math manipulatives for “hands-on” virtual learning experiences for her students at any grade level.
Mrs. Durham lives south of Atlanta and has taught for nearly 20 years.  She has taught in public, private, and most recently a virtual school.  She currently tutors students both online and “in person”.
Mrs. Durham loves to teach, and in particular loves to teach 2 subjects: math and music. She feels that the enthusiasm a teacher has for a subject is just as important as the education he/she has had.  Students catch that enthusiasm and want to know what makes that subject so exciting! She strives to create interest and fascination in students. She believes that any subject can be exciting; it’s simply a matter of finding that “hook” that will create that excitement in student learning.
Mrs. Durham graduated with her bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University and master’s from Georgia Southwestern State University. She is certified to teach in multiple subject areas, including math for 6th-12th graders.



Laura Knaebel is a former public high school English teacher living near Syracuse, New York. In her years as an English teacher, she has taught New York state Regents and Honors classes and electives that include creative writing, mythology, and business communications. She has researched and developed her own highly effective strategies for approaching both the SAT and ACT standardized tests.

Mrs. Knaebel has taught these SAT preparatory classes in the public school system as well as in private tutoring sessions.


Mrs. Knaebel graduated with an M.Ed, English Education; B.S. English Contextual Studies (Magna Cum Laude), both from Syracuse University.



Kathleen (Kathy) Jordan, M.Ed. , is the Title 1 Coordinator for MCC.  Originally from Long Island, NY,  Mrs. Jordan currently lives in Mobile, AL and teaches Reading to Title 1 students in a traditional K4-8 school.  She has achieved the Highly Qualified status as a Reading Specialist and has completed all classwork toward a doctorate degree in Instructional Design and Development.
Mrs. Jordan is developing the Reading and Language Arts Support Classes for MCC and gaining school vendor certification for The Company. She has been involved in Reading Education for over twenty years and has taught students from Kindergarten to twelfth grade. Mrs. Jordan has also prepared Elementary Education students at the collegiate level to be effective teachers.





Interactive PSAT Online Prep Course

My daughter has taken the PSAT online prep course. The course was interactive; she could hear and see the instructor and students could respond via headset microphone or by typing in the chat box. The course reviewed the content covered by all sections of the test and also helped my daughter to become familiar and comfortable with time management, test-taking strategies, and the format of the questions. We will definitely use MyClassConnection again as we prep for the ACT and SAT.

Kim K

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