Some students prefer one-on-one sessions over group classes when preparing for these all important college-admissions tests. We offer private tutoring within our Virtual Classroom at a flexible schedule that fits the busy life of a high schooler!  Tutoring can be provided on weekends, evenings, or during the week.


Average score increase ACT – 5 points (Many students have reached their individual goals for scholarships or college admittance and reached  the level we worked towards.)

Average score increase (old) SAT – 150 points  (NEW SAT data not in yet. July 2016)


Please call Julie Truono at 770-363-8345 to discuss your student needs before registering.



7 hours private SAT/ACT tutoring

6 hours private SAT/ACT tutoring

5 hours private SAT/ACT tutoring

$700 in person

$600 in person

$500 in person

(A minimum of 5 instructional hours required)

Rate: $100 per instructional hour. Teachers are Master-level, Certified in Math, English, and Science.  The fee includes live in person tutoring, additional printed materials  and practice tests as needed and a phone consultation halfway through the session schedule if requested by parent.


One hour session $100 (Minimum 5 sessions)

Student Name
Preferred Email & cell text #

After-hours’ session $120/hour  (Fridays after 4:00, Saturdays and Sundays)

Student Name
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Essay coaching $75/hour

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What do we do?


Students will take an ACT or a SAT pre-test independently as assigned. Results will be studied and used to create the custom schedule needed to meet the goals of the student. We will recommend the number of hours and the subject concentrations based on the pre-test data. Teachers will share internet resources, printed materials and additional practice tests,  and content-based resources in addition to the live, interactive instruction that is offered.


What the students say:


“Wow!  I didn’t know anyone could increase that much!”


“I learned to look at math problems differently after taking the SAT Course with MyClassConnection.”


“My intial ACT score of 27 improved to a 31 after my private sessions with MyClassConnection. I earned the scholarship I was trying for.”


“I did not know that I did not have to read the entire passage in the reading section of the SAT. I learned how to skim for the answers and was able to complete the questions in the time limit.”


“I would definitely recommend the SAT help to my friends.”