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The SAT/ACT can be a frustrating roadblock for even the best students!  Although colleges and test makers stress that the SAT and ACT are not single determining factors in college acceptance, the fact remains that these tests can help you get into the college of your choice, pursue your chosen field of study, and access scholarship opportunities that may have minimum score requirements.

We at MyClassConnection have seen so many students stumble on the SAT and ACT.  Good, motivated students often take these tests without examining the specific content, design, and pitfalls of each.  Yes, the tests are designed to measure your knowledge of material learned in school . . . BUT, there are other things you should know before attempting these tests. Whether you are struggling in the content areas of the SAT or ACT, or simply need help conquering the “tricks” that many students perceive when taking the tests, we can help.

How are we different in our approach?

First of all, we are all Master-degreed teachers, experts in our fields of Mathematics and English, Reading, and Writing.  Please read about us on our Teachers Page!   We believe in a data-driven approach when delivering our instruction, not a “one size fits all” canned class approach.

How Do We Manage this?

We are the only Test Prep Company that will individualize our instruction!  Students will be given a full SAT  or ACT pretest. This pre test is taken independently, at home – we do not use two of your paid hours to give the pretest, as other prep companies do.  The scores will guide us in our instruction –  For example, with the SAT pretest,  if a majority of students are performing within the 300 level range, we will teach 400 score band questions  and above!  We “raise the bar” high enough for success !


We look forward to “connecting” with YOU!

Would you like to talk with our testing counselors?  Then please fill out the “contact us” form on our website and we will contact you within 24 hours.   Or you may call us at 770-363-8345.












Interactive PSAT Online Prep Course

My daughter has taken the PSAT online prep course. The course was interactive; she could hear and see the instructor and students could respond via headset microphone or by typing in the chat box. The course reviewed the content covered by all sections of the test and also helped my daughter to become familiar and comfortable with time management, test-taking strategies, and the format of the questions. We will definitely use MyClassConnection again as we prep for the ACT and SAT.

Kim K

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