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Kaplan Princeton Review
Instructors All Certified, Master degreed Teachers of either Math or Reading. Students, some teachers, people who have “scored well” on the SAT. Looking for students over the internet for a part time job
Schedule convenience Choose between morning or evening classes, or a combination.   Evenings and weekends only.  Evenings and weekends only.
Course structure 12 – 18  total instruction hours:  Depends on class.

 Math and  Writing/Critical Reading taught on separate days.

18 total hours of combined Math and Writing/Reading instruction taught on same days. 18 total hours of combined Math and Writing/Reading instruction taught on the dame days.
Customized for student needs YES!  Build instruction and activities on the group’s Pretest Data!  LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 type questions offered as needed. No – canned instruction  No – Canned insturction
Cost per instructional hour From $12 – $15 /hour Approximately $33/hour Approximately $33/hour
Opportunities for additional help.  Teacher open-office hours offered for student drop in.  Private session for each student to review his/her writing essay.  (Small fee) Private tutoring. Private tutoring for $2760.
Type of instruction Online, LIVE, from the comfort of home! AT a test center, a school, or occasionally an online course Test center, school, or online course
Recorded session available  Yes – for free!  Yes, for additional fee  No



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Interactive PSAT Online Prep Course

My daughter has taken the PSAT online prep course. The course was interactive; she could hear and see the instructor and students could respond via headset microphone or by typing in the chat box. The course reviewed the content covered by all sections of the test and also helped my daughter to become familiar and comfortable with time management, test-taking strategies, and the format of the questions. We will definitely use MyClassConnection again as we prep for the ACT and SAT.

Kim K

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