For official SAT practice tests from the College Board, Click Here.   Then scroll down for 8 practice tests.  Go to “scoring” to determine the category of the test questions for you know what to work on in Khan Academy.


For a copy of the actual March 2021 test, click here.


For a copy of the actual March 2020 test, click here.


For a copy of the actual April 2017 test, click here.


Although there is a brief formula sheet at the beginning of each math section of the SAT, it is by no means comprehensive.  For a great resource of formulas to know for the SAT, click here.


Interactive PSAT Online Prep Course

My daughter has taken the PSAT online prep course. The course was interactive; she could hear and see the instructor and students could respond via headset microphone or by typing in the chat box. The course reviewed the content covered by all sections of the test and also helped my daughter to become familiar and comfortable with time management, test-taking strategies, and the format of the questions. We will definitely use MyClassConnection again as we prep for the ACT and SAT.

Kim K

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