…for the College Bound Student
  Summer 2015 Edition 1
 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,
 “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
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 Topics will include:


Finding that Elusive Scholarship


Building a GREAT college transcript


Testing Accommodations and Readiness for students with Learning Disabilities



and more…!


Summer Greetings!


MyClassConnection is happy to provide our Back to School 2015 eNewsletter for your college bound students!  As a PTSA Academic Partner we wish to be a “Road to College” resource and  look forward to providing articles and resources of interest to your families throughout the year!  You will find these monthly newsletters in the PTSA ENews, the PTSA website, or at 


This first edition will mainly address the upcoming changes to the PSAT and SAT and hopefully guide your student in decisions for college test prep. 

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Prepare Your Student for College
(beginning in the 9th grade) … 
If there’s a teenager in your home, you’ve probably started thinking – and worrying about – how to get him or her ready for college.  Getting accepted to some colleges can be quite competitive, so high school students should take every opportunity to make themselves stand out from the crowd. 


College Prep Tests Comparison…ACT vs. SAT  


(Please note this article compares the current ACT with the current SAT for Fall Semester and January 2016 test dates.)


You might wonder why you have to choose between the SAT and the ACT–   Read Article



PSAT 2015 Changes

Are you a sophomore or junior this year?

If so, you’ll be taking the redesigned PSAT. Starting in October 2015, the new PSAT will be given to all students across the country.

We’ll let you know what changes to expect in format, scoring, and content and what you need to know to be prepared. 



   Should you take the current SAT or the “NEW SAT” ?

Graduates of 2017 take heed!…


You might have heard over the last year that a new version of the SAT is coming out in spring of 2016.  You might have a choice between taking the current old SAT or the new SAT — depending on when you time your test.  You’re probably wondering,”when should I take the SAT?”  Well, here’s our definitive guide.



At the End of the PSAT is a Pot of Gold!

Luck won’t get you an $80,000 scholarship, but the PSAT can. Amazingly, there are numerous scholarship
opportunities available from most colleges when a student’s PSAT score falls within a certain range. Taking
this test seriously can help students reap great financial rewards – and that’s no blarney!




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