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Private Tutoring Options

 We have 2 types of tutoring for middle and high school:


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Basic Plus $50/session



(This is the best plan for the “special needs” students, and the students that are behind in their current math levels.)  Student and Master Virtual Teacher meet for 60-75 minutes.  Additional time may be spent conferencing with the parent after the sessions.  The MCC teacher may also review the student’s syllabus and grades to put together the action plan for success.  MCC teacher will join conferences as needed (virtually).  Additional resources are sent to student when appropriate.      




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 Basic $40/session  

Student and Master Virtual teacher meet for 60 minutes in a Virtual classroom. Student directs the hour and can choose skill review/practice, Study Island help, Quiz and Test review, etc.      








For college math tutoring, click here:



For other college subjects, please contact us for an hourly rate.