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Ms. Truono has been an invaluable resource to my daughter and I this past year, who has struggled since entering high school with Algebra and Geometry. She is extremely knowledgeable about both subjects and has gone above and beyond to help in tutoring my daughter, Ashley, on many occasions. My daughter felt comfortable working with her from day one because of her patient, friendly and easy going manner and the way she has of always making the students feel like there are no wrong answers.
Her website is easy to use with tools, such as the whiteboard, that really make a remote teaching session very much like a one-on-one classroom experience. The EOCT review sessions were also excellent and all of the teachers are of high caliber and seem very well qualified to deliver on a variety of subjects. I would highly recommend myclassconnection.com to any students in need of math or other tutoring!


Hi Julie, remember me and my son N.? Hope all is well. I wanted to let you know N. was accepted to all the Magnet Schools he applied to (which were Wheeler, Kennesaw Mtn, Campbell HS and Marietta HS IB program. For the Cobb County schools I’m not sure how he ranked overall regarding the entire scoring but for the Admission test  he scored 95% in Math, and 89% in Verbal and 89% in Writing. I was told his Math score was one of the highest.  Thank you so much for your support and assistance with getting him ready for this test.  ….  Again thank you and your staff for everything!


Thank you so much!  I can’t tell you how much both A. and I appreciate having such a knowledgeable resource available to help her with math, which is the one subject she seems to struggle with.


FINALLY!  John achieved the ACT Reading Score he needed and wanted!  He went from a 21 to a 27 after your sessions helped him find the best way for HIM to test!  The strategies you coached him on paid off!  He got early admissions to UGA!  THANK YOU!


Thank you so much for hosting the online class.  We truly believe this class review helped our daughter with her final exam.  She received an 88 on the exam.  We feel she may have passed the exam with the normal study guide process just maybe not with that high of a grade. We feel this class helped prepare her for the exam and allowed her to succeed. 

Thank you again.  Should other classes in the future be offered that she is taking you can bet we will be signing up for them.


J.  has done PSAT practice tests since he had your class and it really made a big difference. He finished before the time was up and got many more correct than before.


I signed R up for the on-line ACT Prep course that was to take place in May and chose the individual tutoring which turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for R!  Mrs. Truono coordinated on-line sessions with both her math instructor and english instructor around the results of an ACT practice test that she provided R.  All sessions took place on-line and were tailored to R’s specific needs.  All three ladies were very knowledgeable about the ACT subject matter and testing strategies, and provided much encouragement to R throughout the prep process.  R increased his already good practice test results by four points earning a spectacular ACT score.  Mrs. Truono exceeded my expectations and not only provided superior tutoring but excellent customer service as well.  I would highly recommend her organization even at the full price of $350 which is still a bargain compared to some of the prep courses that we looked into for R.a proud parent of a Scholarship Recipient in GA.



Your SAT Prep Class helped me see things differently with the Math Problems.  I did enjoy the virtual classroom experience and will refer you to my peers. “   –  J.C., SAT Prep Homeschooler



“Hi just wanted to tell u thank you for all the help because I passed the CRCT and exceeded in math…. I’m so proud of myself and thank you for helping me I wound’nt have done this without you….”  – L.O., student receiving standardized test tutoring from Mrs. Durham



“For two weeks, we have been using Julie as a tutoring resource—via Elluminate.  She is truly phenomenal and works so well with SpEd kids.  D. is doing so much better.  His average is increasing!  Even though D. is very bright, it is taking tutoring support to keep him afloat because some of these concepts are really difficult and it moves fast!” A grateful parent


“I really noticed a change in L’s confidence yesterday while participating in his Math CC, and that is ALL thanks to you!  He was rattling off Algebraic Properties faster than I could register them in my mind. It was really exciting, and I am so grateful to you for your help.” A parent of an autistic student  


“Thank you for all your help, it seems B. learned a lot from your small groups over these past few weeks.  He took his [State Standards] test today and he says he worked really hard to get the answers right.  I think he went in more confident this time.”



“I am so thankful to see J’s level of growth and enthusiasm in math this year!  Thanks to MCC!”



“Thank you for helping me this year with Algebra. You are honestly the best math teacher I have ever had.  I have learned to love algebra and I owe it all to you.  Of all my classes I have ever had, I believe that the most progress has been seen in this class.”